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Whether you require demographic and econometric modelling to influence policy makers, inform evidence-based policy or create profitable business decisions, Demographic Insight has the tools to provide the information you need. With Australia facing inexorable population ageing, increasing mobility, declining labour supply growth and shifting population composition, rigorous demographic analysis is now a necessity for many public and private organisations.

Our expertise in demographic modelling is unrivalled in Australia. We have provided our clients with advanced modelling and projections of housing supply and demand, population size and distribution, migration needs,  labour supply, organisation level workforce needs and GDP (gross domestic product).

In addition to providing detailed, rigorous demographic analysis, we also provide economic and social research services. Read More...

About Our Modelling Strategies
Demographic Insight employs the latest modern econometric, statistical and demographic tools in all projects. Read More...
What's New?
January 2014 The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have released a new report examining the long run relationship between ageing and immigration with labour supply and GDP per capita growth. Read More...

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