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Demographic Insight was founded in 2008 to fill the market gap between economic consultancy firms and traditional market research firms who conduct ‘demographic’ research. We differ from the former given our focus on economic demography and from the later in terms of the rigour and quality of our analysis. All analysts involved with Demographic Insight hold PhDs in demography or statistics.

About The Director

Jeromey Temple Ph.D is the principal and director of Demographic Insight. Through academic research, consulting  and employment in key advisory roles, Temple has had extensive experience in the management and provision of evidence based advice for public and private clients and the promotion of such projects.

Dr. Temple is one of Australia's few economic demographers with significant experience in the application of modern demographic and econometric methods to solve 'real world' problems. He is an experienced economic demographer with advanced training in formal demographic methods and econometrics. He is trained in direct and indirect estimation techniques (for estimating mortality, fertility and migration) and a range of decomposition and projection methods. Moreover, he is experienced in generalising global demographic techniques to the spatial level. Jeromey is also an experienced econometrician; trained in a wide range of linear and non-linear modelling techniques, simulation methods and spatial models. In particular, Temple has recently conducted research on the use of modelling strategies to accommodate rare events.  

Temple received his Ph.D in Demography from the Australian National University (ANU) in 2005. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (Population Studies) degrees with first class honours from the ANU.

About Our Modelling Strategies
Demographic Insight employs the latest modern econometric, statistical and demographic tools in all projects. Read More...
What's New?
January 2014 The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have released a new report examining the long run relationship between ageing and immigration with labour supply and GDP per capita growth.  Read More...

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